the Scent of a Song

by Jenni Green

This comic is offended by bigotry, racism and sexism;
Don't read it if it finds you offensive.

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The Scent of a Song tries its best
to update every week, mostly saturdays.
I don't always have time. Be nice.
If you want to yell at me for other reasons,
try this address.

2004-12-06: Again, sorry. I've been away and then my internet connection didn't work and then I was lazy. I should have a comic up in a day or two, and it should look a bit different from what you're used to.

2004-09.18: Sorryyyyy!! I've been busy all week and didn't have time to finish a strip for today, and tonight I'm going sewer-diving with Sippan. But I've started inking the next strip and it should be up by tomorrow at the latest. Sorry again!

2004-09-14: I should have bragged about this sooner, but I appeared in Sippans Serie five days ago (no, I'm not Freud)! Now I have to squeeze Sippan in somewhere in my comic :)

2004-07-28: Hah, so much for updating on saturday. Two things have kept me busy: First, like last year I find myself crying with rage outside the sci-fi bookstore after finding that there will be no fantasy festival this year, meaning no costume parade, meaning that secretly the sci-fi bookstore thinks that the trekkies are the only ones who should be allowed to play dress-up. Second, I've been busy making a Sailor Uranus outfit to comfort myself.

2004-05-24: Well, the links didn't work at all, so screw them. When I have enough comics that it won't feel stupid, I'll make some archive links.
Read Sippans Serie, dammit. It rules. And links to my comic :D

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